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Security Supervisor at JFK Fired After Sending Email Blast of Genital Pic to Coworkers

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A security supervisor at John F. Kennedy International Airport was fired after he accidently sent an email blast to coworkers containing a picture of his genitals, The New York Post reported.

Gerard Robson, a project manger for a private contractor FJC Security, claims he intended to send coworkers, supervisors and Port Authority executives a picture of a fender bender involving a security guard’s vehicle in a JFK parking lot on the morning of June 21.

Robson, a former New Jersey transit cop, took pictures of the damage with his employer-issued Blackberry phone, but he accidentally attached a NSFW picture in the email he sent to 20 people, including subordinates, FJC execs and PA supervisors.

A source told The Post via email that that the image was a picture of Robson inside a car “waist down, naked, penis out, belly and all.”

When Robson realized the error, he emailed an apology.

“Earlier this morning, while I was sending out a notification regarding a Motor Vehicle Accident, I had taken several pictures of the vehicle,’’ Robson’s second e-mail said. “In error, I accidentally attached a very inappropriate photo and without realizing the mistake, continued to send out the notification with the photograph attachment. Please accept my sincere apology as I am truly sorry for my actions.”

Nevertheless, PA supervisors immediately revoked Robson’s airport security credentials and barred him from the premises.

Philip Messing of The Post spoke with a former FJC supervisor, Stephen Jackson, who said the contractor has a history of bad behavior and called the Robson incident “karma.”

Jackson provided The Post with the pictures and video showing FJC guards sleeping on duty, which were published June 10. Jackson, an ex-Marine, said he supervised 58 to 65 guards on eight-hour shifts at JFK and caught them sleeping on duty on a regular basis. The guards reportedly earn a starting salary of $17.23 an hour with benefits.

Source: NY Post


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