Security Guard Puts Carolina Panthers Fan In Chokehold During Cowboys Game (Video)

A Carolina Panthers fan, John Small, was placed in a chokehold by a security guard at AT&T Stadium during a Panthers game against the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 26 in Arlington, Texas. Cellphone videos (below) of the incident were filmed by bystanders and have gone viral since being posted on YouTube.

Several fans tried to pull the guard off of Small, who eventually broke free, but he was then escorted out of the stadium by guards, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports. The Arlington Police Department is investigating the incident, but the Cowboys organization has yet to comment.

"In the last five minutes of the game, security approached me and told me I would have to leave because a complaint had been filed against me, calling me 'disruptive,'" Small wrote in a Facebook post on Nov. 28. "They would not tell me anything specific and said they would not ask me to leave again.

"I politely stood up for myself and before I knew it they were nudging Mom out of the way to get to me and at that point, I walked into the aisle and was immediately put into a chokehold. The video shows what happened. As you can see both Dallas and Panther fans stood up for me and told the guards that I had done nothing wrong."

Sources: John Small/FacebookNBC Dallas-Fort Worth / Photo Credit: David Ward/YouTube Screenshot

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