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Security Guard Keeps Ferguson Protester Away From CNN Broadcast (Video)

Tempers flared again last night in Ferguson, Mo., when CNN was broadcasting from a street lined with law enforcement.

During the live CNN report, (video below), a Ferguson protester was heard yelling, "Get your hands off me you mother f-----. Don't you f------ touch me!"

"What the f--- is wrong with you, man?" replied a security guard.

"You don't have a right to touch me," the protester fired back.

The CNN reporter said the man was trying to get into her live broadcast, noted

"These are the sorts of people who coming out here, guys," added the reporter. "Most people are peaceful, but we've got guys like this coming out, causing problems."

In another incident this week, a masked protester threatened Jakari Jackson, of the conspiracy website, because the site has described Ferguson protesters as "thugs" and "terrorists" (video below).



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