Security Guard Awarded For Stopping Gunman From Entering Bar (Video)


A St. Paul, Minnesota bouncer is being called a hero today after he bravely fought off a gunman that was attempting to enter the bar he was working at.

Eric Wasson, a security guard at Johnny Baby’s, is shown on surveillance video sitting at the entrance of the bar when a man holding a gun is about to walk through the doorway. As the gunman starts to enter, another security guard notices him coming with the gun in his hand and immediately runs in the opposite direction. Wasson notices his colleague run and looks down the hall to see the gunman walking in that direction. Just as the man starts to enter, Wasson springs into action.

While everyone around him ran for cover, Wasson acted quickly and pushed the man back, trying to stop him from shooting the gun. During the struggle, two shots were fired, but thankfully, nobody was injured. The gunman was arrested and convicted in court, and now, St. Paul police have given Wasson an award for his bravery.

"Mr. Wasson, you were indeed a hero that evening," said St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith as he presented Wasson with the Chief’s Award for Valor. "We don't know what that suspect may have done if he was allowed inside of the bar. You displayed a great amount of courage when you chose to disarm the suspect and protect the customers in the bar."

At the time of the incident, there were 150 people inside the bar, and thanks to Wasson’s courageous actions, all made it out of the harrowing situation alive.


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