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Security Firm That Performed Flawed Background Check on Edward Snowden Also Vetted DC Shooter Aaron Alexis

The same company that performed a flawed background check on NSA leaker Edward Snowden is reportedly responsible for a past investigation into DC Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis.

US Investigations Services LLC, or USIS, conducted the investigation when Alexis joined the military as a Navy reservist in 2007. No details have been given into the findings of the background investigation that took place at that time, but the federal Office of Personnel Management says that Alexis’s 2004 arrest after shooting out the tires of a car in an “anger-fueled blackout” were included in that investigation.

"Today we were informed that in 2007, USIS conducted a background check of Aaron Alexis for,” USIS spokesman Ray Howell said. "We are contractually prohibited from retaining case information gathered as part of the background checks we conduct for OPM and therefore are unable to comment further on the nature or scope of this or any other background check."

The company is currently under federal investigation into failures in security authorizations that it has executed for the Office of Personnel Management in the past, including a 2011 investigation into NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

According to a letter obtained by NBC in August, intelligence officials reviewed the background check on Snowden by USIS, finding that the company “did not present a comprehensive picture of Mr. Snowden,” and that the investigation “revealed several areas of incomplete coverage.”

Now, many question if USIS failed to properly carry out a background check of Alexis, who murdered 12 people in the DC Navy Yard last week. The names of the 12 victims have been released, and an investigation into the shooting is underway.


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