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Security Camera Captures On Video A FedEx Driver Chasing Rolling Truck Downhill

A security camera captured something pretty strange on video.

Metro reports that the unidentified delivery man’s day began badly after his truck rolled down a hill because he forgot to put the handbrake on when he stepped out to deliver a package.

The driver attempts to catch it, but to no avail.

The truck continues careering down the hill into a yard. The open driver’s side door slams into a tree before coming to rest next to a nearby house.

The video was posted on YouTube Thursday by JWs Public Videos under the title “Sometimes Security Cameras catch a gem,” garnering more than 140,000 views as of this writing.

The security camera footage was also posted on reddit by user Dsquared77.

One user commented, “Lucky van overall, only broke a door. It could have hit the tree, it could have hit THE OTHER tree, it could have hit the house. It did bunny hop a little. But really, it could have been A LOT worse.”

Another user wrote, “Either way he's gonna have to explain the broken door. Unless he blames it on another car, I don't see him getting out of it without telling the truth. Also, I don't see that getting him fired, when you get in and out of a truck hundreds of times a day, something like this can happen, at least he didn't LOOSE his shoes..”

The FedEx worker should probably make sure his vehicle is his wheels are turned and the emergency brake is on the next time he parks on a hill.


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