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Snoop Dogg Investigated By Secret Service (Video)

Rapper Snoop Dogg is being investigated by the Secret Service after releasing a music video where he shoots a man who resembles President Donald Trump with a toy gun.

The hip hop legend's latest music video for "Lavender" is sparking controversy for its depiction of a Trump assassination and police brutality, TMZ reported.

The song features Canadian music group Badbadnotgood and DJ/producer Kaytranada. The video was uploaded to YouTube on March 12. Almost everyone in the video is dressed up as a clown.

In one scene, a police officer shoots a man in his car with a glitter gun while a passerby records the incident on his phone and uploads it to YouTube. In another scene, Snoop Dogg shoots a man who strongly resembles Trump.

The video, which has been viewed more than 2 million times, got the attention of the Secret Service just a couple of days after its release. An investigation has been launch to determine whether the rapper poses a real threat, according to TMZ.

Reactions to the music video were split among social media users.

"Oh my god. People are so triggered," commented one YouTube user. "This is a short about clowns. Its a whole other universe.  If you  pay attention when you watch it you might understand. Here is a hint 'Context" Tell me what you think the message is?"

"The meaning of the video (from what I understand): This video is mocking how over dramatic and silly people are being about police violence and Trump(which is why everyone is a clown) and is ment as a wake up call to all the people blinded by hate," observed another user. "The ending of trump being shot is depicted as a joke and shows how outrageous it is for people to want to resort to violence(which is why the gun is a "bang" gun). Overall this video is ment to say that all things are a joke and won't solve anything."

"If they had a video of Eminem shooting Obama (or really any white guy) then everyone would be calling him a 'nazi,'" wrote another commenter.

One user paraphrased a previous quote made by the commander in chief during his presidential campaign.

"I could shoot someone in a crowded street and still get votes," wrote the user.

A collaboration with the Canadian musicians makes sense for Snoop Dogg. After Trump won the election, he took to Instagram to declare Toronto his "new home," Business Insider reported.

Sources: TMZ, PrankvsPrank/YouTube, Business Insider / Photo credit: Jason Persse/Flickr

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