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Middle-Schooler Throws Object At Trump's Motorcade (Photo)

A block of wood was thrown at President Donald Trump's motorcade in West Palm Beach on Feb. 17.

A local middle school student has confessed to throwing a piece of 2x4 lumber at a car in the motorcade, reports CNN. The student also implicated four other students.

It happened as the motorcade traveled from the airport to the president's Mar-a-Lago resort. No one was hurt, and it is not known whether or not the wood actually hit any of the cars in the motorcade.

A group of protesters was gathered near where the incident occurred, with police officers and Secret Service agents nearby.

Secret Service agents returned to the scene, where they found the block of wood and a baseball-sized rock. They also reportedly scoured nearby stores in search of surveillance video.

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The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office released a statement on its Facebook page:

While assisting the United States Secret Service with a motorcade movement for President Donald Trump it was reported that a vehicle in the motorcade had been struck by what was believed to be a small hard object. The incident was reported to have taken place on Southern Boulevard between Parker Avenue and Lake Avenue. Immediately after completing the motorcade movement several members of the motorcade returned to the scene and began canvassing the area looking for witnesses and any small hard objects along the roadway in that area. The investigation determined that a juvenile from a local middle school confessed to throwing the 2 x 4 (see attached) at the motorcade. The juvenile also implicated four additional students that were involved for a total of five. Charges will be filed with the PBC States Attorney’s Office.

Sources: CNN, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office/Facebook / Photo credit: Norman Maddeaux/Flickr, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office via Daily Mail

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