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Russians Discover Secret Nazi Base In The Arctic

A former secret Nazi base has been discovered in the Arctic.

Discovered by Russian researchers, known as the Fortune Seeker or Schatzgraber, was used during WWII as a meteorological station and for science projects by the Nazis, according to the Russian Arctic National Park, as translated by IFL Science. It is located on the island of Alexandria Land in the Arctic Circle.

Before its discovery, its existence and location had been a mystery.

"Before it was only known from written sources, but now we also have real proof," Evgeny Ermolov, a senior researcher at the Russian Arctic National Park, said.

According to the story surrounding the station, the scientists who lived there became sick with trichinosis after they were forced to eat infected polar bear meat when supplies ran low. After their rescue, the station was thought to have been destroyed.

Even though the station was reportedly destroyed and over time the Arctic climate affected what remained, artifacts found at the site -- including objects with the Nazi insignia and swastika -- prove it is from the Nazi-era.

"About 500 items of historical value have been collected on the grounds of the former Treasure Hunter German station that operated on the Alexandra Land island of Franz Josef Land from September 1943 until July 1944," National Park press secretary Yulia Petrova said in a statement on The Arctic, which is supported by the Russian Geographical Society. "They include munitions and military equipment, everyday items, personal effects, and fragments of meteorological devices."

The objects are being shipped to Arkhangelsk for further study, and to be marked and dated to confirm the station’s identity and when it was in operation.

The items will be placed in the collection of the Russian Arctic National Museum and used for educational activities, according to Petrova.

In the same area as where the former Nazi station was found, Russian military camps are being planned.

"This year, unique self-contained military camps will be completed on Franz Josef Land and Novosibirsk Islands,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in July, according to The Arctic.

The primary objective of the military camps will be air defense.

Sources: IFLScience, The Arctic (2) / Photo credit: ​Ria Novosti Archive/Wikimedia Commons via IFLScience

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