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Woman Attacks Boyfriend's Lover In Cafe (Video)

In a video from Brazil (below) that has gained attention online, a woman appears to attack her boyfriend's lover when she discovers the two of them together at a cafe.

In the video, a brunette woman approaches a male and female couple at a table and punches the man in the side of the head, then grabs the blond woman's hair and drags her into a brawl on the cafe's floor. When the blond woman manages to free herself, she grabs a chair to defend herself from the girlfriend's attack.

Later in the video, after the fight continues off-screen, the blond woman hits the man in the head and then walks away.

No one in the video has been identified.

Commenters questioned the woman's motivations for the attack.

"I have never understood why [wronged women] beat lovers and then get back with the husbands," commented one social media user. "If I were in that position, I would beat him, and only him."

"This is a stupid woman to go and pick a fight, even if he cheated on her," said another commenter. "Women should know that they deserve respect and this is not the kind of respect she needs."

In a similar but more extreme case from Brazil in 2016, a video showed a wife attacking her husband's mistress before reportedly throwing her off of a bridge, according to the Mirror.

The description included with the video said the woman had found the victim cheating with her husband.

In the clip, the woman was thrown off of a 10-foot-high bridge with the help of another woman. It was unclear whether she was injured in the fall.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: Jorge Brazil/Flickr

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