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Battle Of The Birds: Bald Eagle Vs. Canada Goose (Video)

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Ever wonder what a battle between the United States and Canada would look like?  Well, thanks to one photographer, we no longer have to (video below).

Lisa Bell was camping at Spider Lake Springs Campground in British Columbia, Canada, when she spotted a skirmish between a bald eagle and Canada goose, reports Global News Canada.

For those of you who missed fifth grade social studies, the bald eagle is the national bird of the United States, and the Canada goose is the national bird of … yup, you guessed it … Canada!  

So the representatives of the two nations squared off, UFC-style. Fortunately for all of us, Bell was cognizant of the symbolism of this historic moment and reached for her camera to capture the epic bird-battle.  

Following, ladies and gentlemen, is a play-by-play of exactly what went down:

Predictably, the fight starts with the American bald eagle as the aggressor. The bird can be seen standing atop the poor goose like a triumphant George Washington at the Battle of Trenton.  

But the war is far from over. Because -- like a true Canadian -- the goose scrambles out from under the eagle and rushes to a nearby pond for safety.  

See? I told you this battle was symbolic.  

Anyway, the bald eagle gives chase ('Merica!), soaring high in the air as it stalks it's overly polite, maple-syrup loving neighbor to the north. Of course, bald eagles can't swim, because they're too busy barbecuing and paying off student loans, so the eagle merely flaps its wings trying to tempt the goose out of the water.  

But the goose is having none of it. He simply remains in the water, most likely waiting for it to freeze so he can play a game of ice hockey.  

The bald eagle then flies around for a good 20 minutes, until something amazing happens: The eagle pulls out a gun and shoots the goose!  

Actually that didn't happen. But it would kind of be perfect if it did, no? 

What actually happened is that the eagle got bored and flew off, ostensibly looking for another bird to pick a fight with.

So there you have it folks. No clear winner in this fight, except for all of us who get to enjoy it's magnificence.  

Now, if we can just get the bald eagle and the Canada goose in a ring with the Mexican caracara, we'd really have something.  

Sources: Global News Canada, Lisa Bell/Facebook via YouTube / Photo Credit: Lisa Bell/Facebook via Global News Canada

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