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Woman Says Pet Parrot Exposed Her Husband's Affair

A woman took her pet parrot to police to try and prove her husband's infidelity.

A woman in Kuwait was convinced that her husband was cheating on her with their maid, the Arab Times reported. She believed her suspicions were confirmed when the couple’s pet parrot started chirping flirty phrases that she claims her husband never said to her.

On Oct. 18, the woman, whose name was not released, took the parrot with her to the police station. She attempted to use the bird’s testimony as proof of her husband’s infidelity, according to reports.

The woman, who is from Hawaii, filed an adultery complaint against her husband. While adultery is illegal in Kuwait, police told the woman that the parrot’s words would not hold up in court.

Authorities said it was impossible to determine where the parrot might have learned the words that allegedly confirmed the woman’s suspicions. They argued that the bird could have heard the phrases from a TV show or the radio.

Still, the woman insisted that her husband was cheating. She claimed she saw him acting nervously when she came home early from work one day.

The phrase that the parrot chirped is unknown at this time. The breed of the parrot was also not reported.

This isn’t the first time a parrot has exposed infidelity.

In 2006, Chris Taylor learned that his girlfriend, Suzy Collins, was cheating on him with one of her ex-coworkers after his parrot squawked, “I love you, Gary!” the BBC reported. The parrot’s name was Ziggy.

Sources: Arab Times, BBC / Photo credit: RobertHoge/Flickr

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