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Mother Turns Teen Son In After Catching Him In The Act

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A mother in Kansas City, Missouri, turned in her teen son after she says she caught him sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl.

The woman said she was in bed and got up around 12:30 a.m. to get some water. She spotted her son in the hallway, walking out onto the balcony away from where the victim was sleeping. He was aroused at the time, and the mother was alarmed enough to ask the girl what happened.

The girl told the woman she was awoken by the 17-year-old touching her. She attempted to push him away but he continued to touch her.

The mother quickly called 911 and reported her son, but he fled the home. He was ultimately caught and admitted to police he touched the girl. He was arrested and faces charges of sodomy for the assault, WDAF reported. 

In a similar incident, a woman told WOWT she caught her brother sexually abusing her 2-year-old son.

“I was seeing if the kids were still sleeping, that is when I walked in to see him,” the woman said of the moment she caught her 23-year-old brother in her living room. She was unable to finish her sentence, before continuing on about what she did next.

“Yelled at him, kicked him and then grabbed the youngest one, and got him away from it. Got the other two and got their shoes and stuff on, went outside, then called their dad and then called the sheriff,” she said. The brother was charged with second-degree sexual assault of a minor.

The woman suspected her brother had also abused the 2-year-old's two older brothers. In the weeks after she caught her brother, the woman said her children seemed much calmer not having him around.

“Just a lot more relaxed. They are a lot more comfortable they can tell,” she said. 

Sources: WDAF, WOWT / Photo credit: Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons

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