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School Gives Children Moldy Juice Boxes

A California mother is demanding answers after her children came home from school with juice boxes that contained mold.

When Linda Lujan’s 10-year-old son, Chase, and 6-year-old daughter, Grace, came home from Pine Grove Elementary, she found an unwanted surprise in their sack lunches, WLOX reported.

"When I was jostling [the juice box] around, I saw something floating in it," Lujan told WLOX. "I ended up ripping open the top and saw just a whole bunch of filth.”

"That's the one my 6-year-old daughter was drinking, and it's got the expiration date right there," she added. "So my son who had brought the other juice box into the living room, I screamed for him not to drink it."

One of the juice boxes expired that same day. The other box was set to expire on Oct. 28, only six days before it was given to her kids.

"Somebody needs to answer for this," Lujan said. "Somebody needs to take responsibility."

Debbie Blow, the Orcutt Union School District Superintendent, told local media she was unaware of the incident but plans to launch a thorough investigation.

"Warn people,” Lujan said. “Let them know that, at least have your kids look at their drinks.”

Lujan hopes the district’s nutrition department is investigated.

"They could kill somebody,” she added. “They could kill a child, and I know that the Central Coast cares about our kids.”

Dean Foods, the distributor of the juice, released a statement saying they are working with the school to find out what went wrong, KWES reported. They added that the sell-by date is usually a reliable guideline if the juice is stored properly.  

Sources: WLOX, KWES / Photo credit: KEYT/CNN via WLOX

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