Second Maryville Rape Victim Speaks, Named As Paige Parkhurst, 13 At Time Of Assault


Details of the Maryville rape case grow more shocking by the day. This morning, a second teenage girl who says she was raped at the same time as her friend Daisy Coleman, is coming forward with her account of the incident.

The girl, who was 13 at the time of the incident in January 2012, gave an interview to Al-Jazeera America describing how, after the rape, high school football star Matthew Barnett and a friend dragged the severely intixicated 14-year-old Coleman out the bedroom in Barnett’s home and continued to drag her to his car.

“They were freaking out, trying to think of how they were going to drop us off without any of her brothers waking up,” said the girl, identified as Paige Parkhurst in the network’s coverage. “And they took her and carried her to the back corner of her house and left her there. And they told me to go inside, that all she needed to do was to sober up, and that she would be okay, and they were gonna be there and watch her.”

Paige (pictured, in Al-Jazeera interview) described how, after sneaking out of Coleman’s home and going to Barnett’s, both she and Daisy were sexually assaulted.

“We got there, and they just started handing her drink after drink after drink,” said the girl, now 15. “And they had separated us as soon as we got there. And another boy that was there with me, had taken me into another room, and had sexually assaulted me, after me telling him no, pushing him away.”

After that rape, she said, she and her attacker whom she did not name waited for Barnett to finish with Daisy. After that, Paige said, she entered the room and found her friend “incoherent.”

“She couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, and just was talking like a baby pretty much,” Paige said in the interview.

She said that investigators in the case attempted to get her to turn against her friend, after they dropped charges against Barnett.

“They were constantly putting us down,” she said in the interview. “They were telling a lot of people a lot of things that weren’t true. They were telling Daisy that I was throwing her under the bus, and then telling me that Daisy was throwing me under the bus. I mean they were working really hard to try to get us angry at each other.”

Nodaway County Sheriff Darren White told CNN that charges were dropped because Daisy refused to cooperate with police and changed her story in the course of the investigation.

“The only people’s stories that have been inconsistent throughout this whole thing are the Colemans’ — are the victims' in this case — and I don't know why that is,” White told CNN.

But in an interview with CNN, Daisy Coleman’s mother Melinda said the law enforcement officials are lying, and Daisy is willing to testify if the case goes to trial. Her interview with CNN is below.

Sources: Al-Jazeera America,CNN


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