Second Graders Found With Packets of Heroin


Five second-grade boys were discovered passing around packets of heroin at their Philadelphia elementary school on Tuesday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Sgt. Ray Evers, who has been investigating the situation, said that the boys thought the powder was candy.

According to Fox 11 Online, “A school district spokesman says one boy put a small amount of the drug in his mouth but quickly spit it out. The other boys said they only touched the drug and none ingested it.” Authorities claim that it was a gym teacher who initially spotted the boys with the drug.

Now the Inquirer reports that an arrest has been made. According to Philadelphia Police Lt. Frank Vanore, the father of one of the young boys has been taken into custody, although specific details have yet to be released.

All five boys were examined by a school nurse and showed no signs of illness, but Fox reports that they have been taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for further examination.



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