Second Grade Student Handcuffed At School

A Kansas City second grader claimed he was handcuffed at school on Wednesday and treated like a criminal simply because, according to his teacher, he was misbehaving.

“Some of the kids were messing with me,” Kalyb Primm Wiley said.

After his peers began teasing and taunting him, Wiley reportedly started to scream out of frustration; however, never got physical. When his teacher couldn’t calm him down, a security officer took him to the principal’s office and handcuffed him.

“We were halfway down the hall,” Wiley said, “he put handcuffs on and twisted my wrists."

A spokesperson for the district said the security officer followed proper procedures to ensure the safety of other students.

Wiley’s parents have requested that the school reevaluate their policy in disciplinary response and have decided to move their son to another district.

Sources: CBS, KSHB


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