Seattle Woman Calls Teen Thief's Mother Instead of Police

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A woman in Seattle had her car broken into, but thankfully, the thief left his phone behind.

Instead of calling the police to report it, Eliza Webb, 29, called the teen's mother by looking through his contacts and selecting "Mom."

"I said, 'This is a very uncomfortable phone call to make. I have your son's phone and I'm missing some things out of my car and I think they might be two related items,'" Webb said. "And she was devastated."

Webb works with teens for a living, so she said she did not want to involve authorities.

Instead, she drove to his house and confronted him. The 19-year-old said he not only broke into her car, but 13 other cars in the neighborhood along with his 18-year-old friend. He said it was a combination of alcohol and boredom.

Webb retrieved her belongings from him, and also made him return the other items he stole from the 13 other victims.

"I'm actually kind of glad it happened," the teen said. "It felt terrible to hear that people are worried and feel like they have to lock the door because of what I did."

Webb said she understands the teen, as she works with high school students and is married to a man who was also rebellious in his youth. 

"I felt that if I could get him to own up to what he'd done and understand there were consequences, it could be a much better outcome," she said. 

Webb also asked the teens to write a letter of apology and read it at a block party this summer.

Sources: Daily Mail,Seattle Times


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