Seattle to Turn Over 700 Collected Guns Into Messages of Peace

Over 700 guns collected in response to the tragic Connecticut school shooting will be melted down and turned into “plaques of peace,” according to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

A total of 716 guns were collected during the January buyback program, which, as McGinn stated, will present Seattle students with an opportunity to express what a violence-free future means to them.

“These upcycled plaques, inscribed with the hopes and dreams of the next generation, will transform weapons of violence into something positive,” McGinn said at a news conference Tuesday.

Despite the program’s initial success, not everyone was aboard the feel-good bandwagon.

The January buyback was highly-criticized due to long lines of people waiting to turn in weapons and a chaotic scene as dozens of gun dealers attempted to purchase weapons.

Police said they couldn’t stop the dealers because state law allows third-party gun sales.

Naturally, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh ridiculed the campaign during his on-air segment earlier in the week – a move which prompted members of McGinn’s inner-circle to return fire.

Gun-rights and gun-control groups alike have questioned buybacks, saying studies have shown no link between them and reduced violence.

People turning in guns at the Seattle buyback were given donated gift cards of $100 or $200, depending on the size of the weapon.

Sources: The Seattle Times, GUNS.com


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