Seattle Police Trying To Catch Masked Masturbator


Seattle police are trying to catch a masked masturbator who wears a homemade ninja outfit while pleasuring himself in public.

According to the police website, the masturbator was first reported on Jan.10 by an unidentified woman.

She told 911 operators that the man was “masturbating outside the front door of her home,” but he had fled the scene by the time the police arrived, notes The Smoking Gun.

On Feb. 7, the man was caught outside the same home on surveillance video in his black outfit, which appears to be white on the night-vision cameras, according to the police site.

The man's entire body was covered except for his hands and genitals.

In addition to his head-to-toe outfit, the man reportedly wears five-toe shoes, which gives each toe its own rubberized sleeve.

Police say the people living inside the home are students from the University of Washington who have “heard suspicious sounds outside their house on several occasions,” notes The Smoking Gun.

It's believed the masturbator could have been at the residence up to four times over the past few months.

Reddit users offered their analysis of the suspect:

"Toe shoes...figures."

"Seems they blurred out the distinguishing information in the photo."

"I'm not sure if there's enough to identify that person by appearance (dark clothing appears white in the night vision even), but if the police are prepared to spend resources on this, was a DNA sample left behind?"

"I'd say show a close up of his schlong, someone might be able identify that. But judging on this behavior, maybe not!"

"uggh.. I dont know why I wore those shoes."

"How am I going to identify this guy if I can't see his penis?"

"See, even Seattle has a superhero.....'oh look honey, over there in the bushes, it's the masked masturbator!'"

"There is a hairy palms/harry the husky joke in there somewhere"

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Seattle Police, Reddit / Photo credit: Seattle Police Department

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