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Seattle Police Search for Victim and Three Females Who Beat Her Up in Westlake Park (Video)

Seattle police are searching for three female suspects and a female victim who were recently involved in a brutal, one-sided fight.

Local news KIRO 7 captured the footage of the violent, bloody attack.

In the video the victim appears to have been attacked out of nowhere in the middle of a crowded Westlake Park on Monday. She is stomped, kicked and punched while staggering and falling to the ground repeatedly. No one attempts to intervene.

When she was released from Harborview Hospital, no one knew where to find her. She was not positively identified. Police say they have her name but no address. They believe she might be homeless or a transient.

"We don't know where to find her, and we need to," said Seattle Police Detective Renee Witt.

Authorities need the woman to come forward to identify the suspects in the video.

"Without her cooperation, her willingness to testify, to say these are the people who assaulted me, our detectives don't have a case,” Witt said.

Police had not seen the video until KIRO 7 reported it. The local news said they were sent a link to video on Monday.

"It's unbelievably violent and shocking," Witt said. "We need to find the attackers, they need to be arrested."

The victim suffered head injuries, but they were not life-threatening wounds. She was only held at the hospital for several hours before being released.

“She might be a transient, but she deserves justice," Witt said.

Officers detained three suspects in an alley, but eyewitnesses did not identify them as the attackers. They were eventually released.

"We know who those suspects are and where they live," she said. "If someone can lead us to the victim, we would be able to go and arrest them."

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