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Seattle Police Accused of Harassing Journalist Dominic Holden (Video)

Journalist Dominic Holden claims he was threatened last week by Seattle police officers while taking pictures of them questioning an unidentified man.

"Sergeant [Casey] Saulet said that I needed to leave the entire block or I would be arrested," Holden told KOMO News.

Holden is the news editor at The Stranger, where he wrote about the incident.

After the police released the man they were questioning, Holden said Sergeant Saulet continued to order him to cross the street (video below).

"At that point [Seattle police officer John Marion] asked where I worked, and when I told him he threatened to come bother me at The Stranger. And this is a needless escalation."

Holden has filed formal complaints against the Seattle Police Department and the King County Sheriff's Office.

Cindi West, of the King County sheriff's office, said in a statement: "As long as they are not directly interfering with an investigation, they have a right to stand there and video tape or take photos."

Sergeant Saulet is on paid leave during the investigation, but Officer Marion is still on the job.

"While I cannot comment on the specific complaint, the allegation, if true, does not match what the department teaches in our LEED (Listen and Explain with Equity and Dignity) training, nor with the four cornerstones of my administration which are ‘Excellence, Justice, Humility and Harm Reduction,'" said Interim Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel.

"I have known Mr. Holden personally for many years, have regular communications with him and have assured him that we will get to the truth."

Sources: The Stranger and KOMO News


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