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Seattle Neighbors Sue 8-Year-Old Girl's Parents Over Her Abundance Of Feathered Friends

A little girl’s befriending of birds has recently landed her family in hot water Gabi Mann, 8, of Seattle, Washinggon, began her daily routine of feeding the backyard birds two years ago and has since developed a friendship with the flocks.

Now, her next-door neighbors in the exclusive Portage Bay neighborhood are speaking out about the mass amount of crows that gather.

On Aug. 10, complaining of the caws and droppings scattered throughout the community, the Mann’s neighbors, Christine Yokan and Matt Ashbach, filed a lawsuit against Gabi’s parents. 

While Gabi says the birds bring her "treasures," such as buttons and screws to show their gratitude for the feedings, the neighbors are not as pleased with what the murder of crows has left for them them. Yokan, 56, and Ashbach, 38, are now claiming $200,000 for damage, saying their million-dollar homes are covered in bird droppings and feathers, Daily Mail reported.  

Additionally, the two allege that the food left out is also attracting rats and pigeons. 

Gabi began sporadically feeding the birds in 2011 and made the friendship official in September 2013 when the family began to regularly leave out food. The story of Gabi and her feathered friends has since warmed the hearts of many — except of course, her neighbors.

According to the suit, Yokan and Ashbach claim the daily feeding sessions attract hundreds of crows and pigeons.

“No one wants to be trapped living inside an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie,” said their attorney, Anna Johnsen, comparing their everyday scene to that of the famed director's movie, “The Birds.”

“This is a residential neighborhood that was not designated to host a large-scale wildlife feeding operation.” 

Despite a recent visit to the Mann’s home by a Public Health investigator finding bird food that could attract rodents, the family was not cited, according to Seattle PI. 

The neighbors are pressing forward with their suit, saying the family “ignored all neighborly requests.”

“My clients went to extraordinary lengths to resolve this issue amicably before filing a lawsuit,” Johnsen wrote in an email on Aug. 11. “We hope for a reasonable and fair resolution for the safety and well-being of the wildlife and humans alike.”

The Manns have not yet responded to the lawsuit and a trial date has not been set, according to Seattle PI.

Source: Daily Mail, Seattle PI / Photo credit: Lisa Mann via Daily Mail


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