Seattle Named Hardest Working U.S. City by Real Estate Blog Movoto


A real estate blog recently named Seattle the hardest working city in the U.S., but some people are questioning the validity of the blog’s ranking criteria.

Movoto blog, which covers “the lighter side of real estate,” compiled a list of the 50 American cities where people work the hardest. Of the 50 places listed, cities in Texas dominated the top of the list, holding five of the top 10 rankings, according to MSN.

The blog ranked the cities based on unemployment rate, commute time, workers per household, volunteer hours, lack of sleep and cost of living in each location, but recent data for each city was difficult to collect in some of the categories, according to

Seattle won partially because it had the lowest unemployment rate — 4 percent — of the cities included in the study. It also had a high ranking because of its high cost of living and the large number of hours people in the city commit to volunteer work.

Cities in Texas, such as Houston, Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas, earned decent ranking on the list because they averaged the highest number of work hours per week. 

The other winners of each category were San Francisco for the highest cost of living, New York City for the most workers per household, Chicago for the longest commute time, Columbus for the least amount of sleep and Oklahoma City for most volunteer hours.

Memphis, TN, and Fresno, CA, were named the cities with the least hard-working people.

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