Seattle Gay Pride Protesters Attack Preachers on Street


A few members of the Seattle Gay Pride protest group were caught on film attacking a group of street preachers at Pride Fest.

The video is six minutes in length and shows the people attacking the preachers until officers arrive on the scene and question them.

The YouTube poster, going by the name Rogue Reflections, said he did not agree with the attack but thought people should see it.

"While photographing this event, I witnessed a growing anger from some of the crowd, towards the preachers. All of a sudden a few members in the crowd attacked the street preachers. I switched to video to document the incident," he said. 

"I DO NOT condone what the attackers did. While I don't agree with these preachers, it is their Constitutional right to be in public and preach. I think it is tragic that some of the people who justifiably want tolerance in their life, deny that same tolerance to others. I commend the responding Seattle PD Officers for the professional way they handled this situation. The main aggressor was arrested."

The video starts off with a female protester and a male protester, later identified as Jason Queree, verbally assaulting the street preachers. One of the street preachers held a sign that read "Repent, or else."

During one point in the video, another male tries to grab the sign from the preacher's hands and they both fall to the ground. 

At that point Queree goes up behind the preacher and hits him with punches. 

Queree was arrested. He has been arrested 29 times since 1995.

Sources: Inquisitr, KATU


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