Seattle Dad Leaves Baby in Car for 8 Hours


After a Seattle man parked his car in a parking garage, he forgot to take something very important out of the car: his young child.

At around 6 p.m. on Thursday, King County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call that a baby girl was locked in the back left seat of a Nissan Sentra that was parked at the Thornton Place shopping center.

The officers had to break the car’s lock to get to the baby, who had been in her car seat for more than eight hours.

The girl’s father, Matt Steele, reportedly forgot to drop her off at day care in the morning; her long day alone in the car began at around 10 a.m.

When the girl’s mother, who was not identified, picked up her older children from day care, she quickly realized her youngest was not there. She arrived on the scene and hugged and kissed her daughter, who was quiet.

When asked how he could have possibly forgotten to take his child out of the car, Steele offered no excuses. “I don’t have an explanation for that,” he said.

Steele was not charged at the time, and was allowed to leave the scene; he left to go pick up his other daughter.


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