Seattle Cop Punches Homeless Man (Video)


A recently released police dashcam video (below) from Jan. 3 shows Seattle Police Officer Clark Dickson punching Christopher Tavai, a 21-year old homeless man, in the face for allegedly spitting at him.

Dickson and other officers were checking homeless people for outstanding arrest warrants when they came upon and questioned Tavai whom Dickson suddenly slugged, notes The Free Thought Project.

Police Capt. David Proudfoot reported Dickson to the Office of Professional Accountability, which investigated the incident, but could not prove that Tavai did spit, reports The Stranger.

The OPA recommended that Dickson be given a two-day suspension without pay and attend retraining, but the Seattle Police Department knocked that down to an one-day suspension without pay, which turned out to be Nov. 1, months after the incident, reports The Stranger.

Tavai was booked by police for assault, but King County prosecutors declined to file charges.

A clip of the punch, below:

Full video:

Sources: The Free Thought Project, The Stranger / Photo credit: Seattle Police Department Screenshot

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