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Search For Washington State Man Credited With Saving Boy From Traffic Ends With A Handshake

An unusual search for a Washington state man is over after police from the Seattle suburb of Federal Way were finally able to thank a man they credit with saving the life of a 4-year-old boy. 

KOMO News reports officials from the Federal Way Police Department were looking for the man who was captured in a surveillance video (shown below) stopping a young child from running out into traffic.

“So we're trying to figure out who this guy is, he likely saved this kid's life," said Commander Casey Jones. 

"It's all on video, and you can even see in slow motion him reaching out to catch the kid, it was great,” Jones said, according to a story from KLTV News. 

KOMO News journalists reportedly helped police track down the man who has now been identified as Sean Deeds. 

In the video, the young boy can be seen sprinting down a residential street toward a busy intersection. Deeds is then seen pulling his car in front of the child and getting out to talk to him before a police officer also pulls up. 

Once the officer has the child, Deeds gets back in his car and drives away.

He said he didn’t hang around and talk to the officer because he didn’t need any recognition for doing what he thought was just the right thing to do.

"I don't feel like I did anything special, I was just really thankful to be there at the right time,” Deeds told KOMO.

"It's amazing, that kid's just booking along, run, run, run. That kid could book," Deeds said.

The man said he was taking his son fishing Thursday, the day the incident occurred. 

It took a couple of days for police and KOMO to find him. The Federal Way Police Department posted the video on its Facebook page and began spreading the word they wanted to meet the mystery man. 

Deeds said in the KLTV story he got a phone call just before police and reporters tracked him down. 

"My son's mom called, said 'you're wanted by the police,’' he said. 

"We wanted to meet you and shake your hand, not only from the police department but from me as a father as well," Jones told Deeds. 

The boy was uninjured and returned to his parents. 

Sources: KOMO NewsYouTubeKLTV News / Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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