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Missing Kentucky Man's Body Discovered In Girlfriend's Freezer, Police Say

Gary Ray Jenks, 68, was reported missing by his daughter after she didn’t hear from him for two months. However, the search for his whereabouts ended in tragedy when police found his body in a freezer in the living room he shared with his 51-year-old girlfriend, Teresa Owens.

Owens, 51, initially declined to let officers search their property in Pulaski County, Kentucky, but they returned on Sept. 29 with a search warrant, Richmond Register reported. 

When officer discovered Jenks' body in the freezer, his arms were tied with string and the body had been covered with lye and fertilizer, according to an arrest report.

"Lime is sometimes used to reduce the odor from decaying flesh," Deputy Karl Clinard told NBC News. "Farmers sometimes put lime on dead cattle to keep the odor down.”

Owens was arrested on charges of tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse, and she is currently being held in custody on a $75,000 bond. Authorities are still unsure of the cause of Jenks’ death, but the coroner said he likely died in early September.

Sources: Richmond Register, Fox 29, NBC News / Photo Credit: police photo


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