Sean Jude Kelly Causes Plane to Make Emergency Landing After Drunken Outburst


A British man who was returning home from a vacation in Cancun, Mexico is being held in a Florida jail after the plane was forced to make an emergency landing when he started threatening passengers and flight attendants.

Sean Jude Kelly, 31, was drunk and had taken Valium before the flight. He is being accused of spitting on flight attendants and "trying to pick fights with every passenger he made eye-contact with," on the flight which took off Sunday.

Kelly sustained a black eye when he fell to the ground during his violent outburst.

It was clear the man had taken anti-anxiety drugs and had just spent the week boozing in Cancun, as his Facebook and Twitter pages document it.

In one tweet he wrote before takeoff, he said he was listening to "Daiquiris" and "popping Valiums, only way to get through take off.. #madfearofflying #cancun #rattlingwithpills."

Police said Kelly consumed half a 750ml bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka when he was on board the plane. They were less than three hours into the 11 hour flight when he began having his meltdown.

Flight attendants said he began spitting on them and attempted to fight every passenger he saw that passed his line of sight.

When officers began carrying him off the plane, he started swearing at them and told a female officer that he was going to kill her.

He then tried to kick her, but ended up falling on the floor, smashing his head on the carpet and hurting his eye.

Even after he was locked up in a holding cell, he was still trying to fight people.

Once he was in his cell, he began yelling at police and shadow-boxing.

"You're dead you fat f**k," he said to an officer. "Let's have a go."

He is being charged with assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. He's being held on $5,300 bail.

The BA2202 flight ended up arriving in London two hours late because of the detour.

Passengers had to wait an hour while police officers arrested Kelly.

Sources: Daily Mail


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