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Sean Hannity Scores 1st Interview with George Zimmerman

The February 26, 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin was one of the most controversial events in recent history. While the case has been on the back burner for the past couple of months, it was reignited today when George Zimmerman spoke for the first time since shooting and killing 14-year-old Martin.

Zimmerman, sitting with lawyer Mark O’Mara beside him, spoke with conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity about the shooting and the months since then.

Adding fuel to the simmering fire, the interview aired just one day after it was revealed that Zimmerman and his wife dipped into his online legal defense fund and spent $36,000 on personal expenses, which included rental cars, cell phone bills, cell phones and car payments.

Zimmerman was certainly busy spending money from behind bars, considering he was still in jail at the time of the cash infusion -- and it took only 18 days to blow through everything.

What’s the breakdown of the $36,000?

According to Daily Mail, $5,000 went towards Zimmerman’s first bail. Then there was $7,000 to pay credit card bills, $4,400 on car payments, $1,500 to rent a third car, $800 for gas, two new cell phones for $300 each, $2,500 and $1,300 for a telephone land line and Internet installation at the Zimmerman safe house.

Next, $600 of the $36,000 was spent just on phone calls Zimmerman made while in jail. Each day, Zimmerman made 13 calls on average and spent three to five hours chatting. It’s been reported that, in many of the calls, Zimmerman spoke in code to talk about money.

Talk about controversy.

But how did Hannity score the first interview?

This past April, Zimmerman contacted Hannity and spoke with him off-the-record. Since then, Hannity has spent months gathering information and sound bytes.

In the interview, Zimmerman reportedly talked about the elusive fundraiser money and PayPal account that supporters have donated to. So far, he’s raised $200,000, but only $123,000 has been handed over to O’Hara for a legal defense fund.

Apparently, when Zimmerman isn’t using funds from his legal defense, he’s praying daily for Martin’s parents. It’s surprising he even has time in between all those phone calls.


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