Sean Dugas Murdered for his 'Magic: The Gathering' Playing Cards


Sean Dugas, 30, was allegedly murdered by William Cormier and his twin brother, Christopher, for his 'Magic: The Gathering' fantasy cards in Pensacola, Florida back in August.

'Magic: The Gathering' is a descendant of the role-playing game 'Dungeons and Dragons' in which players are 'wizards' who use their cards as tools in fantasy battles.

Dugas' body was allegedly taken to Winder, Georgia where it was found on October 8, buried in a plastic container in the backyard of a home.

Now held in Georgia, William and Christopher Cormier will be returned to Pensacola to face charges in the August 27 homicide.

Dugas' cards, valued between $25,000 and $100,000, were sold in Pensacola, Georgia and Tennessee, reports

The murder has rocked Pensacola's "Magic" community, who are stunned that the violent fantasy game could bring about an actual killing.

The Cormiers were members of the 'Magic' community several years ago, but had dropped off the scene, say several players.


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