Seals Enter the 'InfoWar'


A new viral e-leaflet is urging people to "avenge" WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whom the leaflet describes as "the prime focus of a global manhunt." We're sure that Mr. Assange has his share of woes, but hey, at least he isn't having his head bashed inCanada's harp seals are, however, which lead us to launch a similar "infowar" on their behalf.

You can help save baby seals from being hooked, bludgeoned, and skinned alive just by re-posting PETA's new virtual seal slaughter leaflet. It's easy—just use this link to "leak" the image to your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account. Julian Assange supporters: Feel free to join us in "kicking back" for Canada's seals.

Written by Michelle Sherrow 


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