Seal Slaughter Protester Banned From Canada


In Canada, you can have your pie—you just can't throw it too. PETA supporter Emily McCoy is saying au revoir to Canada after a certain tofu cream pie left her hand and wound up in the face of Fisheries Minister Gail Shea.

Seth Lemmons/cc by 2.0

McCoy appeared in an Ontario courtroom yesterday to face charges of assault after she pushed the pie into Shea's face as part of a protest against Canada's annual seal slaughter. McCoy was spared jail time, but the judge sentenced her to two years of probation during which time she is banned from Canada, its embassies, and contact with all Canadian officials.

A New York resident, McCoy doesn't generally visit Canada all that often, although she is sorry that she won't be able to protest the seal slaughter on Canadian soil for the next two years. Hopefully, by the end of her probation, Canada's bloody seal massacre will be nothing but a sad memory, and she will be able to visit Canada as a tourist, not a protester.

If you would like to bring attention to the seal slaughter sans meringue, visit

Written by Michelle Sherrow                                                      


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