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Watch: Seal Dives Onto Dinghy To Escape Killer Whales (Video)

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A seal was captured on video (below) hiding on a family’s dinghy to escape killer whales.

In the video, the seal is seen lying on a vacationing family’s dinghy in British Columbia while at least three killer whales circle the area in search of it. 

“What’s going to happen if the whales come?” a family says while the capturing the moment on camera. 

“They’re looking, they’re just like, where did he go?” another adds. 

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The frustrated whales reportedly hunted for the seal for more than 20 minutes, unable to find and eat it as they intended. 

Killer whales are known for their effective hunting skills and work in groups to hunt and kill prey. Scientists say that the whales are successful in hunting and killing seals an average of three out of four times, according to Daily Mirror.

Watch the cunning seal defend its life in the video below.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror

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