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Scuba Diver Dies After Failing to Remove Weights

A scuba diver was found dead off the coast of Miami Beach after fellow divers reported her missing.

She was a Chinese tourist in her 30s and drowned mysteriously after she kept a weight belt on and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

The woman went diving with a group of 40 people in an area near Key Biscayne in Florida.

Police are now investigating the incident as many are confused as to why she had kept the weight belt on.

A theory is that she did not understand safety procedures and took off the wrong equipment while she was underwater. She was found without any other equipment on, aside from the weight belt.

Ariane Dimitris, a member of the group, said all divers are taught to take off their belt in emergencies.

“I’ve never heard of anyone taking off even their fins. It’s very strange,” he said. “And normally if someone panics you’re supposed to drop your weights and keep everything else on you because that was her survival.”

Divers think the weight belt was what led to her death.

They said it was the equivalent to grabbing onto an anchor in the water instead of a life preserver.

She was reported missing after the group did a roll call and she was not there.

All divers use a buddy system, but she did not speak English and left her partner.

After learning of her missing status, the US Coast Guard sent a boat to search for her and her body was found after two hours.

“We brought her back up, I did CPR, I’m an EMT,” said Kevin Galloway, a fellow diver. “There were also two student doctors on the boat. We did what we could but she was gone.”

She was participating in a scuba dive event organized by RJ Diving Ventures of Miami Beach.



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