Scottish Club Facing Criticism After Admitting to Two-Way Mirror in Women’s Bathroom

A Scottish nightclub is facing heavy criticism after it was revealed it had installed a two-way mirror in the women’s restroom – a move intended to allow high-paying clubbers the chance to secretly spy on women whenever they visit the bathroom.

The Shimmy Club in Glasgow - a city of 600,000 located in western Scotland – hasn’t denied the move, calling it an “interactive feature” and “a bit of fun.”

Only clubbers who reportedly pay about $1,200 are eligible to take a look through the two-way mirror.

“The Shimmy Club’s two-way mirror is a design feature created as a bit of fun, an interactive feature which we hoped would act as a talking point for people visiting The Shimmy. The vast majority of people who have visited the club have taken it as such,” a comment on the club’s Facebook page reads.

“It's clear that those who are negatively commenting online may not have been lucky enough to get past the door staff yet and viewed the area as they would have seen that the sight line is very limited and allows for glimpses into the wash up area only,” the message continues.

Nonetheless, one female clubber told the Daily Express, “I was completely shocked to discover that the mirror in the ladies’ bathroom is a two-way mirror facing out onto the club. I find it absolutely outrageous that a club can get away with this, it is a complete invasion of privacy of the unsuspecting girls.”

A spokesman for the Glasgow Licensing Board has stated complaints regarding the matter have been received and are currently being investigated.

Sources: Daily Mail


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