Parents Plead Guilty To Felony Child Neglect But Avoid Prison Time

Scott Suggs and Brandy Kangas will escape jail time after pleading guilty to three counts of felony child neglect. However, they are not allowed unsupervised contact with their three children.

Police arrived at their home in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in December after receiving an anonymous tip. They found three children, a 4-year-old girl, a 3-year-old girl and a 17-month-old boy locked in a room. The room was "sparsely furnished" and was stained with urine and feces.

The children were locked in with a homemade gate with a slot in it. Suggs and Kangas used the slot to slide food to their children. The children were kept in the room at all times.

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Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office Captain Jeff Pearce told Fredericksburg.com: “The room was in disarray and had stains to include urine and feces. The children were fed through an opening in the gate.”

Police immediately took the children away.

On Monday, Suggs and Kangas were in court and pleaded guilty to three counts of felony child neglect. They were served six-year suspended sentences, 10 years of ‘good behavior’ and indefinite supervised probation.

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“This was an abhorrent situation that the children were living in and it breaks my heart to see this kind of treatment of small children,” said Sheriff Roger Harris. “Saving these kids from this type of neglect is why all of us are involved in public service.”

The three children were placed in a foster care family and are doing well. However, they lack social skills and are scared of closed doors because of the apparent years spent in captivity.

Suggs and Kangas have several older children. However, it is unclear whether they have been placed into foster care.

Sources: Daily Mail, WJLA / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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