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Scott Lively Takes Credit for Vladimir Putin’s Anti-Gay Law, Says ‘Rainbow Belongs to God”

U.S. Pastor Scott Lively is taking credit for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent ban on “homosexual propaganda” and is now setting his sights on the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, NBC News reports.

Days ago Lively praised Vladimir Putin on his blog as the “defender of Christian civilization” for signing a bill that fines those who treat being gay as okay. He now urges Russian officials to not let gay activists go through with their plan to “rainbow bomfoil gay activists planning to “rainbow bomb” upcoming Olympics by flying a rainbow banner over the games.

Lively told NBC News that he takes credit for the ban. He says he completed a 50 city tour in Russia that helped warn people of the “homosexual political movement,” according to Buzzfeed.

On his blog he wrote that the word gay is “now a word that defines sodomy and gender disorder” and was “stolen and destroyed like a kidnapped child who never came home.” Lively now fears the rainbow will be forever associated with the gay rights movement.

“A trap being laid for February’s Russian Olympics could give homosexuals a world-wide exclusive claim on the symbol of the rainbow,” Lively wrote. He went on to say that “the global homosexual movement” should be reminded that “the rainbow belongs to God!”

However, a current foil on Lively’s crusade is a lawsuit that is the first of its kind.  Last month, a federal judge allowed a lawsuit to proceed against Lively that alleges he persecuted gays in Uganda. The lawsuit also claims he committed potential “crimes against humanity” that contributed to a bill that would have made homosexuality an act punishable by death, according to NBC News.

Lively currently runs Abiding Truth Ministries from Springfield Mass., and also sermonizes and tours overseas, promoting his books, including The Pink Swastika, which claims gay love is a “dark force” in human history that is responsible for the Inquisition, American slavery and the Holocaust.

Despite the lawsuit presently looming over his head, Lively remains firm on his stance.

“Come what may, I will continue to advocate for the Biblical view of family until my final breath,” the pastor told NBC News.

Sources: NBC News,, Buzzfeed


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