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Scott Baier's Teen Daughter Rachel Signs Contract with Dad to Stay off Facebook

Scott Baier's teen daughter Rachel recently signed a contract with him, promising she would quit Facebook from February until class gets out at the end of June.

The contract says that Rachel will be paid $50 in April and the final $150 in June when school ends, reports the Daily Mail.

Rachel handed over her password to her father so that he could deactivate her account and change her password so that she can't sneak online.

Baier, who is the vice president for sustainability and research at Groom Energy Solutions in Boston, posted the contract on his blog. Baier said quitting Facebook was actually his daughter's idea.

"I've realized that she is part of generation of kids that has grown up on Facebook. She's been on it for two years full time," said Baier.

"This is two years of 24/7 teen discussion of friends, clothes, parties, etc. They can't get away from it. I'm proud she recognized the benefit of a hiatus. She plans to go on using it after the contract end."

Baier, who is a graduate of the Harvard University School of Business, said his daughter is an honors student but gets distracted by Facebook.

A recent Pew Internet and American Life study found that 61percent of Facebook users had quit Facebook for several weeks at a time on at least one occasion.

"The data shows that people are trying to make new calibrations in their life to accommodate new social tools," Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Internet Project and a co-author of the new report, told ABC News. "For some, the central calculation is how they spend their time. For others, it's more of a social reckoning as they ask themselves, 'What are my friends doing and thinking and how much does that matter to me?'"

The study also found that most users don't quit permanently, but rather come back after a few weeks or months.

Source: Daily Mail


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