Scott and Roxanne Duff Sell Neighbor's Lost Puppy on Craigs List

Scott and Roxanne Duff, who found a neighbor’s lost puppy, allegedly sold the dog for $50 on Craigs List instead of returning the dog to its owner.

When a six-month-old Rottweiler puppy and golden retriever appeared earlier this month at Duffs's home, in Leechburg, Pennsylvania, Roxanne Duff called the police since she was unsure what she had to do with the dogs, but then claimed the puppy had run off.

Shawn Lerch, owner of the two dogs, later told police that Duff returned his golden retriever, but that his Rottweiler puppy was still missing, reports the Smoking Gun.

Lerch believed that the puppy was still at the Duff home, but the couple denied it once again to police.

Lerch called police the following day to again allege that his puppy was at the Duff home. When the police arrived, they only found the Duff's five-year-old son and a babysitter home.

The child stated told the police that "mommy had given the dog to a woman from the internet.”

When confronted by police, Scott Duff stuck to his lie about the puppy running away, but eventually the couple admitted to “placing the dog on CraigsList" and lying to police.

Forutnately, the puppy was recovered from a couple in Pittsburgh whom Roxanne Duff had sold the dog to.

The Duffs have been charged with theft, conspiracy, and making false reports to law enforcement.


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