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Scientists To Discuss Controlling Weather With Lasers At Next World Meteorological Organization Conference

Using lasers to manipulate the weather is set to be one of the topics discussed at next month’s World Meteorological Organization conference.

Since the last Conference on Laser, Weather and Climate in 2011, scientists have conducted further research on the possible role of lasers in climate control and discovered some encouraging evidence, according to the Inquisitr.

Experts from across the world plan to discuss experiments that suggest pulses of light can stimulate the formation of ice and the condensation of water, which causes clouds to form, according to the Telegraph.

The lasers could be used for both convenience and safety reasons.

For example, the lasers could possibly trigger rainfall before public events occurred — so rainfall would not ruin outdoor events — and to channel lightning away from buildings and highly populated areas — so people would be safe from lightning discharges.

“Ultra-short lasers launched into the atmosphere have emerged as a promising prospective tool for weather modulation and climate studies,” said an expert who helped organize the upcoming conference. “Such prospects include lightning control and laser-assisted condensation.”

Previously, scientists in different countries have tried to spark cloud formation, or cloud seeding, by releasing chemicals into the air. Some experts said they think lasers may prove to be a simpler method of cloud seeding.

Scientists have already started testing the laser equipment they would use to spur the formation of clouds by shooting laser pulses unto the sky.

Source: The Inquistr, The Telegraph


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