Scientist Bill Nye On Deadly Tornado: ‘It’s Going To Happen Again’ (Video)

During CNN’s live coverage of the deadly Oklahoma tornado on Monday night, host Piers Morgan asked scientist Bill Nye if climate change played a role in the disaster.

“As a scientist, when you hear about the size, scale, power, devastation of this tornado, what does it tell you about the ongoing debate about climate change?” Morgan asked.

Nye’s response indicated that he thinks climate change has to be considered as a factor, The Blaze reported.  

“Thunderstorms are driven by heat and a tornado is a super thunderstorm — result of a super thunderstorm. So you’ve got to figure that if there’s more heat driving the storm then there’s going to be more tornadoes. Now this is the kind of thing that is worth investigating,” Nye said. “You can't say from any one storm that this is a result of, let's say, climate change. This is a much more powerful storm than the one that everybody talks about - May 3, 1999 - because it's wider..."

Nye also had a warning:

"I just want to remind us all it's going to happen again," he said. "The statistic I saw was America gets at least 1,000 tornadoes every year. Last year in the whole of the year, 70 people were killed by tornadoes."

The video of the segment is below:

Sources: The Blaze, CNN


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