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Schwarzenegger Makes it Harder to Buy Bullets in California

Welcome news from late last evening, brought to you by the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign:

Before the midnight deadline Gov. Schwarzenegger acted on 685 bills that were on his desk. He signed 456 and vetoed 229.

One of the bills that he signed was Assembly Bill 962. It requires handgun ammunition to be kept behind the counter where customers cannot access it without assistance. It also requires gun shop owners to thumbprint people who buy handgun ammunition, as well as record their identification and provide that information to police.


You can read Gov. Schwarzenegger’s signing statement at the link.

As an aside, we can only imagine what names and allusions to “family politicsLarry Keane and the NSSF will throw at the Governor after this most recent gun lobby setback.

Keep it classy, guys!


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