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Schools Tighten Rules on Greeting Cards and Candy on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration that seems to be coming with more and more regulations every year, at least in schools.

One kindergarten teacher sent a note home to parents asking that students who wish to exchange cards on Valentine’s Day prepare a card for every other student in the class.

The brief letter allowed that students have the option of exchanging cards in school, but noted that having a card for “each classmate…will avoid hurt feelings.”

While the request was undoubtedly made with the best intentions in mind, it generated a backlash of people criticizing the move as “too politically correct.”

Guyism editor Chris Spags was one such critic, who posed the question, “aren’t hurt feelings a good thing sometimes?”

“Rejection helps you learn and grow stronger, regardless of the age. Life isn’t all sunshine and bubble wrap,” Spags continued.

The teacher’s letter also asked that children don’t put any names on the outsides of the greetings’ envelopes, as it “will make it easier for the children to pass out the cards themselves.”

While the teacher’s request certainly drew its share of criticism from some, others reached out to support her decision, noting that kids who receive many cards on Valentine’s Day always react with excitement.

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Sources: The Blaze, Fox News

Photo Source: The Blaze


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