School's Plan to Celebrate 'Trayvon Martin Day' Stopped by Parents (Video)


Carrick High School in Pittsburgh recently approved a 'Trayvon Martin day' for its homecoming school spirit week.

To remember Martin, who was killed by George Zimmerman, students planned to wear hoodies on Wednesday, but some parents did not approve (video below).

“I am a little worried about that with the different people, how they’re going to react,” parent Jennifer Kagle told CBS Pittsburgh.

Parent Bruce Bergener countered: “If they want to wear the hoodies to represent him and the kind of person he was, they should do it."

"It brought up some controversy to the point where there were people giving mixed signals about it,” added Homecoming Committee member Javon Jordan.

While the school received numerous complaints, it's not clear exactly what the parents were complaining about as Martin did not break any laws when he was killed in February 2012.

Instead of being "Trayvon Martin Day," Wednesday will now be "Bucco Hat Day," which is sufficiently void of importance and social awareness that parents approved it.

Ironically, Carrick High School was one of several Pittsburgh schools that celebrated “Hoodie Day” in March of 2012 to support Trayvon Martin.

"We're wearing these hoodies today because we want people to know that Trayvon matters. We want people to know that Elliot matters and Pittsburgh matters, and that each and every person's life matters," Stephanie Gottschalk, a pastor at Emanuel United Methodist Church, told WPIX back then.

Sources: CBS Pittsburgh and WPIX


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