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School's Pet Tortoise Found 22 Miles From Home

School's Pet Tortoise Found 22 Miles From Home Promo Image

Students at Paul Revere Middle School had all but given up on finding the school's 140-pound pet tortoise, Bubba.

"She was a huge part of lives here at school," said science teacher and caretaker for Bubba Craig Honda to KNBC. "She was so gentle with everyone who met her. The kids just love her."

The middle school, located in California's Pacific Palisades, keeps an entire farm on campus comprised of frogs, chickens and goats. Bubba was a key member of the farm and took well to the goats.

According to KNBC, Bubba crawled under the school's fence on Oct. 26. Students claim to have seen someone take her into white truck and leave along Sunset Boulevard.

A viewer wrote a letter to KCBS to show just how devastated the children were about the tortoise. They did not publish the letter's content, but said that she indicated Bubba had been taken.

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"They grew up with her and see her as their mom," Honda told KNBC. "It would mean the world to have Bubba back safely. She brings the school a whole new light and spirit."

On Oct. 29, Bubba was found wandering the golf course at DeBell Golf Club in Burbank. The golf club is 22 miles away from Paul Revere Middle School -- a far walk for a tortoise.

"When you think you have seen it all at DeBell GC," the club posted on their Facebook page, KCBS reports. "Today there will be slow play on Hole 18 due to the ‘Snapping Turtle’. Book your next tee time at DeBell it’s just like visiting the zoo."

It's still unclear who took Bubba or how far she was taken, but students are thrilled to have her back.

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This is not the first time a tortoise has been found on a golf course this year.

On July 7, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA) removed a tortoise from the Burhill Golf Club, located southwest of London.

The Essential Surrey of Southwest London reported that the tortoise was not microchipped and would be put up for adoption if it was not claimed.

RSPCA exotics officer Peter Yarde said that they'd rescued six tortoises in the Surrey area within three months in spring. Only one of the tortoises was traced back to its home.

"Many people don’t seem to realize that you can get a tortoise microchipped by an exotics vet, and so we would advise any owners to do so. We think what may have been happening is people have been letting their tortoise out in the garden during the warmer weather and they are escaping. Sadly it can then prove a real challenge to find them again."

Sources: KNBC, KCBSEssential Surrey and Southwest London / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: John5199/Flickr, Sergei ~ 5of7/Flickr

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