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Girl Writes 'I Hate My Brother' On Arm, Commits Suicide

An 18-year-old from Yorkshire, England, found that his younger sister hanged herself with the words "I hate my brother" written on her arm.

Ben Fitton had a minor argument with his 13-year-old sister Bethany on June 22. Ben had overslept because Bethany forgot to wake him. Ben said the two would often fight over "silly little things," and that particular squabble was a "4 on a scale of 10," according to the Daily Mail.

After the fight, the two left for school. During her class, Bethany doodled on her arm, writing "I hate my brother." Her family notes that she would often write on herself, doodling pictures or notes. 

Bethany later met with her boyfriend after classes, and the two took a walk in the park before she came home for dinner. Her mother Estelle said the teen took her dinner upstairs and began playing music. Bethany's father was still at work and her brother was at the movies with his girlfriend.

When Ben returned home, his mother asked him to take a basket of laundry upstairs. That's when he found his sister hanging. 

He attempted CPR, but ultimately could not revive the girl, The Sun reports. She died three days later at a local hospital.

Ben noticed that something was written on her arm, but wasn't informed of what she wrote until later.

 "I knew she had written something but I was not aware of what she had written," he said.

Bethany's parents say that she was a "reliable and capable" girl, who was an excellent student. 

"I cannot understand why Beth has done this," Bethany's father said. "This is the last thing I ever expected to happen -- it was out of the blue."

Pediatric pathologist Dr. Marta Cohen, who completed the post mortem, said Bethany suffered a heart attack from the hanging, which caused hypoxia, or a lack of oxygen, to the brain. Without a suicide note, Assistant Coroner Peter Merchant said he could not be certain that she wanted to take her own life, especially since she seemed to have a normal relationship with her brother. 

"It seems to me it was a typical relationship between a 13-year-old sister and an 18-year-old brother," he said. "He had slept in and she had not woken him up. He decided she should have done so and she took a view to the contrary."

"There is simply no explanation given to why Bethany would do what she did on that day," he added.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo Credit: Patrick Feller/Flickr

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