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Autistic Girl Singing 'Hallelujah' Goes Viral (Video)

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A 10-year-old autistic girl from Northern Ireland grabbed the world's attention when a video (below) of her performance of a version of Leonard Cohen's song "Hallelujah" went viral just before Christmas.

Kayleigh Rogers was supposed to sing at her local Christmas pageant at First Presbyterian Church, Newtownards, according to BBC's Newsbeat. But the girl lost her voice just before the scheduled performance.

To still have Kayleigh participate in the pageant, Rogers' headteacher Colin Millar played a video of her singing “Hallelujah” weeks before the pageant.

"She'd be a very quiet little girl, but when she sings, she just opens up," Millar said.

That video, which was recorded by Billy McAuley, was uploaded to Facebook, where it quickly went viral and has racked up more than 3 million views since it was published on Dec. 18.

The heart-melting image of a 10-year-old girl with autism singing so elegantly garnered headlines around the world. Even actor Susan Sarandon tweeted a link to the video on Dec. 22.

The question now for the Rogers family is whether Kayleigh will set out on a professional career with all the attention she has received.

Kayleigh's mother, Tracy, said whatever happens, music teacher Lloyd Scates is to thank.

“She always loved singing, but it wasn't until she started at Killard House School that she really came into her own," said Tracy. "[Scates is] like her safety blanket -- he's amazing."

Sources: BBC Newsbeat, Susan Sarandon/Twitter, Nichola Martin/Facebook/ Photo credit: Billy McAuley via YouTube

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