School Wants Kids to Wear Electronic Bracelets, Parents Object


The Swannanoa School in North Canterbury, New Zealand, is planning to have its students wear microchip bracelets to track their behavior.

The school claims they will use the silicon bracelets to reward kids for good behavior, but many parents are concerned.

According to, teachers will use electronic scanners on the microchip bracelets to update a student's good behavior on an online chart, which will eventually result in a reward.

The entire set-up will reportedly cost about $7000.

"I don't like the idea of my children being scanned," mom Emma Goodin told

Mom Liz Rutherford added, "If it's just for good behavior, why would you invest that much money in it?"

The school's acting principal Kate McClelland said the bracelets were not a done deal, and added, "Everyone's viewpoints will be considered."

New Zealand Education Minister Hekia Parat told The Australian, "[School] boards are there to represent their parent community. This is creating a debate in that school community and it's something that they will resolve."

"I'm not comfortable with it, but again, we have a system in New Zealand where [school] boards represent the parents of the community they send their kids to," added Parat.

Sources: The Australian,, (Image Credit: EFF Photos)


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